Shelving System, Multi-Tier

Shelving System, Multi-Tier

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Inlogsys Techno Pvt Ltd offers a multi-tier Shelving System – the most effective way to multiply the usable space. Restriction on storage and retrieval in case of manual operations can be addressed through multi-tier shelving system. Each level is a replica of the ground floor with catwalks fitted...

Inlogsys Techno Pvt Ltd (Manufacturer)

Established in 1994, Inlogsys Techno Pvt Ltd is engaged in manufacturing and service providing of integrated storage and material handling solutions. The product line includes heavy duty pallet racking systems, shelving systems and mezzanine solutions. Inlogsys provides creative and cost effective warehouse design, distribution, supply chain execution and material handling solutions to a broad range of industries. The solutions and services range from project engineering and design of entire logistics systems to providing tools to help optimise resources for existing systems.