Servo Drive Controller

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The Servo Drive Controller is manufactured as per the international standards. It is a standard and embedded type controller. Options: linear coordinate position drive type (VP-1) - linear moving equipment; rotary coordinate position drive type (VP-2) - index and turret; feeder and sensor-input posi...

Automation Systems

The company AUTOMATION SYSTEMS located at major industrial city Pune, is closely associated with the Indian industries to make available world class latest technology in the field of Factory Automation.

Company is established in year 1996 and recognized foreign representation business house, as sole distributor for various companies from Korea, China, Japan, Italy etc.

Our products are Incremental & Absolute Encoders, AC Servo Motors & Drives, Programmable Logic Controllers, HMI , Touch panels, Variable Frequency Controllers, Proximity Switches, Electronic Cam Programmer, Counters, Multi-Angular Positioner, Totalizers, Speed Monitor Unit etc.