Servo Controllers, ESCON 36/3 EC

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  • ESCON 36/3 EC

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Maxon Precision Motor India Pvt Ltd has launched ESCON 36/3 EC Servo Controllers, ‘Maxi’ in the matter of performance, control properties, and range of functions, and ‘Mini’ as far as price, size, and commissioning are concerned. The third member of Maxon’s ESCON series of servo controller...

Maxon Precision Motor India P Limited (Manufacturer)

Established in 1961, Maxon motor is the worldwide leading provider of high-precision drive systems focusing on customer-specific solutions, quality, and innovation. Its modular product range includes brushless and brushed DC motors, brushless flat motors, planetary gearheads, spur gearheads, special gearheads, sensors, servo amplifiers, positioning controllers, high-tech CIM and MIM components, custom drives.