Scan-to-CAD Software - 3D

Scan-to-CAD Software - 3D

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Creaform, a worldwide leader in portable 3D measurement solutions and 3D engineering services, has announced the launch of VXmodel, its 3D Scan Data Post-Treatment Software module. VXmodel enables users to finalise 3D scan data to use directly in any CAD or 3D printing software. VXmodel is simple, ...

Creaform 3D Technology And Digital Solutions (Manufacturer)

Creaform has been providing 3D digital solution & services for ~10 years. Headquartered at Canada (Lévis, Montréal) with regional offices across globe, USA (Delaware), France (Grenoble), Germany (Stuttgart), Japan, China (Shanghaï) and India (Delhi & Chennai). Our leadership in metrology domain is exhibited from the fact that we have made over 15 products launches (Handyscan, HandyPROBE, MetraSCAN, Creaform Body digitizer range of product lines) in last ~10 years, made 03 acquisitions, over 2000 technologies in the field.

Innovation & technical excellence has been our forte and it is manifested by some coveted awards, we have won, in such short span of time.

Product Range

Creaform journey in developing innovative 3D optical measurement systems started in 2005 with launch of Handyscan 3D. Handyscan 3D is self-positioning truly portable handheld laser scanner helping customers significantly increase their productivity in applications such as Reverse Engineering, Inspection, RP etc. The company offers better ROI as compared to other available solution in market.

Creaform’s HandyPROBE is a unique arm-free probing system. When compared to other existing CMM technologies, this HandyPROBE allowing significant increase in productivity and quality of work. It’s unique in terms of offering true accuracy at real time/shop floor level working condition.

With the launch of MetraSCAN last year, Creaform surged ahead in its technological excellence offering our customers the arm free handheld 3D scanning system and the C-Track dual camera sensor form a unique duo that generates the most accurate measurements in the lab and on the shop floor. Combined with our HandyPRPOBE, this offers most reliable, versatile and faster measurement inspection solution.

Another innovative solution that we bring, Creaform Body Digitzers (CBD) which adapt to most surfaces and digitize the human body in full color in less than a second, producing results as realistic as a photograph.