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Safety Clothing

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Pyrotek uses high-quality materials and modern manufacturing processes to provide reliable Safety Clothing both operators and employers can trust.

High-temperature industrial workers, like those working near furnaces, are commonly exposed to a variety of dangerous hazards including extreme ...

Pyrotek India Private Limited

Pyrotek is a privately owned, international organization, specializing in the development, manufacture and sale of high-temperature materials for industrial applications.

Since the company's inception in 1956, Pyrotek has worked to offer its customers a diversified selection of materials. Our dynamic product range, combined with customized in-plant engineering services, is aimed at helping customers continually achieve higher quality standards and improve their operating efficiencies at lower total costs.

Our team of product specialists and scientists help us refine existing products and create new materials to meet changing customer needs. This effort is supported by strategic alliances with our suppliers and backed by ISO Quality Assurance Standards in our major facilities.

An international sales force gives us the resources to form a strategic partnership with our customers that is focused on profitable growth in a global economy.

This organization structure is designed to support Pyrotek's people in their pursuit of our mission: Pyrotek’s mission is to provide innovative solutions to customer needs utilizing our global resources.