Rust Preventive Compounds

Rust Preventive Compounds

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  • Rustoff Series

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Tinab Products, an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, offers state-of-the-art, cost effective Rustoff Series of Rust Preventive Compounds for the Engineering Industry. These are suitable for use on finished/semi-finished products by OE automobile component manufacturers, hand tool exporters, wire/tube...

Tinab Products (Manufacturer)

Tinab Products, an ISO: 9001 certified manufacturer. The company applies a unique and innovative ‘Systems Approach’ to the rust prevention application technology to deliver consistent results (not just in dry weather). All products have been standardised against salt spray testing as per ISO 9227, and ASTM B 117. Salt spray protection up to 75 hours on mild steel has been achieved under standard test conditions. Product offerings include solvent cutback type, dewatering type, straight oils type, petrolatum type, solvent deposited jelly, etc. Application guidance also available for improved results.