Roundness Tester

Roundness Tester

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  • RA 300/500

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The Roundness Tester, RA 300/500 is equipped with a state of art technology. It consists of a digital adjustable mechanical makes work piece centering. This high precision roundness tester offers cylindercity straightness measurements. The basic unit moves on air table with continuous digital probe....

Isomet Limited

Isomet Limited established in 1980. With over 30 years of technological know-how in precision metrology and having a proven record of accomplishment in developing new products, ISOMET name has become the choice for precision measurement instruments.

From manufacturing the most advanced,latest and accurate measuring instruments, Computerized Profile projectors, CNC Tool pre-setters, Dial gauges to the ultra modern and today's most required Co-ordinate measuring machines and 2-D, 3-D measuring software,Isomet has served Indian and Foreign industry for past 3 decades, with over 4000 users worldwide.