Ring/Gasket Stainless Steel Washers

Ring/Gasket Stainless Steel Washers

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Bluestar International offers O-Ring Stainless Steel Washers as per the international quality standards and in various standard dimensions. All O-rings are readily available in NBR/FPM material in AS 568, metric, P&G series standard. Wide ranges of Gaskets are used for applications in stationary, in...

Bluestar International

Bluestar International is the leading Manufacturer, Stockholders, Importers, Agents, Distributors & Suppliers of Ferrous & Non-ferrous Metals, Stores & Marine Engineering Spares, Oilfield Requisites, including a comprehensive range of High Pressure Tubes & Compression Tube Fittings, Industrial Stainless Steel Tubes, Industrial Stainless Steel Pipes and other industrial products to meet the customers ultimate requirements in the field of:
  • Marine & oilfield industry
  • Chemical & petrochemical industry
  • Offshore facility
  • Gas & oil pipelines
  • Nuclear power plants iron
  • Paper sugar & cement factories
  • Various other projects.
Product range includes ferrous and non ferrous fittings, industrial stainless steel tubes, industrial stainless steel pipes, steel pipes, steel tubes, sheets and plates, valves fittings and many more. The Blue Star International is holding company involved in four key business activities: Manufacturing, Trading, Services and Industry.