Resin Bonded Filter Cartridge

Resin Bonded Filter Cartridge

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RB (Resin-Bonded) cartridge is produced from cellulose fibres, which have been intrinsically bonded to gather by a melamine resin, to create a solid highly durable, yet porous structure. By treating the fibres in this fashion one can assure a stronger cartridge that is less subject to collapse than ...

Technical Specifications

  • Standard Sizes – 10”, 20”, 30”, 40”.
  • Micron Rating – 1 to 25.
  • Outside diameter – 64 mm, and
  • Inner diameter – 28 mm.

Filter Concept Private Limited (Manufacturer)

Filter Concept was started in 2002 by a young entrepreneur Mr. Mehul Panchal, with a very small set up of 200 sq.ft. rented office in Ahmedabad.The company owns two offices, three production facilities and one warehouse. The Company operates its business from head office at Ahmedabad, India and export products to 35 countries in world.

The company products adhere to highest international quality standards of manufacturing and meet ISO 9001 standards and the international design standard like ASME, DIN, and BS Standards.The company achieved this success with support of customers, team members and associates who always put their fullest trust in the company and always insist us to achieve high goal for company.