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Progressive Enterprise offers Quick lock, which is the Quick way to hold and release the core for slitter machine. Quick lock shaft assembly having all the advantages like slippage, accommodating gauge variation, smaller core width etc. Sizes suitable for core 3', 4", & 6". Individual quick locks ar...

Progressive Enterprise

PROGRESSIVE ENTERPRISE came into existence in 2000 and has been growing successfully since then. the organization is involve in manufacturing and exporting Rope Making machines & equipments, Poly Band Expander & Bow rollers. Air / Mechanical Expanding Shafts, Quick Lock & Safety Chucks.

The company make continuous efforts to upgrade technologies and product specifications and the machines-equipments-industrial rollers-accessories-controls etc. are truly built to very high precision to give our customers long & trouble free performance.


  • Supplying machinery builders AND end users.
  • Serving the Paper, Plastic, Film, Foil, Textile and other industries.
The company also repairs the Air Shafts, Poly Band Expander, Bow Rolls and others web converting equipments as well as Rope Making Machines & equipments made by Indian origin manufacturers and international manufactures.