Push-Pull Connectors, Electrical

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Sameer Linkages offers a range of Push-Pull Connectors from its Electrical Linkages product portfolio. The company was established in 1971 with a view to manufacture of auxiliary switches as an import substitution in India. With nearly three decades of manufacturing expertise, it has moved from the ...

Technical Specifications

Materials of construction:

  • Outer shell: Brass, chrome plated
  • Insulator: PTFE
  • Contacts: Copper alloy, silver plated
  • Size: from 2 to 6 contact arrangements

Sameer Linkages Private Limited

Sameer Linkages Private Limited has a product range that offers the linkage requirements of the Electrical, Mechanical, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Engineering Industry under one manufacturing facility. The Company is in the Business to offer Complete Linkage Solutions which may also require and by way of extensive customization in its product range. The Company is located at Baroda in the State of Gujarat and is about 45 minutes of flying time north of Mumbai, India’s Business Capital. Baroda is extensively linked by Air, Rail and Road for Outbound Cargo to India’s Major Airports and Seaports.