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The life of a pump shaft increases by several times by hard surfacing the area which comes under the gland. Hard surfacing materials are tungsten carbide, cobalt, chromium oxide ceramic, alumina titania mixture applied by HVOF process of thermal spray technology. Metallizing Equipment Co (MEC) is...

Metallizing Equipment Co Private Limited (Manufacturer)

The Metallizing Equipment Company (MEC) Pvt. Ltd. started its operations in the year 1967. Mr. M.D. Modi , an economist by education, peeped into horizon of thermal spraying technology and installed arc spray system in India. What he discovered was a demand for a higher level of service and equipment for the maintenance of massive distorted metallic components.

Mr. M.D. Modi (ITSC) 1970 Working with the growth of global rise in utilization of thermal spray Mr. S.C. Modi, a mechanical engineer, joined his elder brother Mr. M. D. Modi’s trade experience.

In the year 1970, MEC started with arc spray for repair of crankshaft to other rebuilding job work. Assembly of gas flame spray started In 1980, MEC introduced the plasma spray system in its Plant located in Jodhpur.