PSA Nitrogen Gas Plant

PSA Nitrogen Gas Plant

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The PSA Nitrogen Generator is an on-site generation of low cost nitrogen.

Principle: The Nitrogen gas is produced from atmospheric air using Molecular Sieves separation technique. It uses Carbon Molecular Sieves which preferentially removes oxygen from air.

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Veecon-IPA Gastechnik Limited (Manufacturer)

Veecon-IPA, an Indo-German joint venture with IPA Gastechnik KG & Co., Germany. Specialising in design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of industrial gas generation plants, gas purification systems and pollution control equipments. Over the past two decades, we have established ourselves in the global market, thanks to our stage-of-the-art technologies and use of high quality components. Covering the entire range from the single module to the package unit and further up to complex industrial plants and systems.