Programmable/CNC Toroidal Winding Machine

Programmable/CNC Toroidal Winding Machine

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The Programmable/CNC Toroidal Winding Machine is microprocessor based provided with unbeatable features like 95 program memory, programmable individual soft start and soft stop for both loading and winding to avoid wire breakage, continuous display of all parameters on LCD while loading and winding ...

ACME Electronics (Manufacturer)

Our Founder and CEO, Alpesh Patel, has a strong background in engineering and management. He has over 15 years of experience in the field of engineering and manufacturing of Coil Winding Machines. Using innovative thinking and execution, Alpesh has developed a wide range of winding machines for linear and toroidal systems as well as many custom winding applications. Presently both the R&D and marketing departments are headed by Alpesh Patel, which allows easy communication of the customer's specific requirements and simplifies the winding machine selection process. Alpesh has been the driver behind the growth and success of ACME Electronics from its inception to its current market position.

ACME winding machines are designed and manufactured in house which allows cost efficiency, excellent quality control and fast after sales service. All models are designed using a single electronics card or controlling unit with plug-in connectors designed for quick replacement in any part of the world which minimizes instrument down time.