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Nippon Technologies introduces state-of-the-art microprocessor based process indicator cum controller. The instrument accepts input from any type of 2-wire loop powered transmitter. The user can select the measuring range from -1999 to +1999 with decimal point configurable from the least to the most...

Nippon Technologies

Nippon Technologies has devoted it's entire resources to the Design & production of Process Control Instruments & Sensors since last 15 Years. The products have become the benchmarks for High performance. Their quality control is under hawk eyed technical Supervision of qualified engineers. Nippon's 2-year warranty is the longest in industry, assuring that nippon's instruments will perform & keep on performing. Nippon's instruments are consistent , unit to unit, year after year. Nippon maintains on- the- self inventory of standard products for Customer's Convenience.

The company installations are in all parts of India. Installations are also at Gulf, Africa, South-East Asia, Europe & Other parts of the world. Customers are large Government organisations, Ordinance Factories, Warships, Pharmaceutical multinationals, Indian Pharma giants, Chemical & Petrochemical Companies, Cement Plants, Trnasformer manufacturers, Power Plants, Plastic & Packing OEM's, Laboratory & Scientific OEM's, Furnace & boilers list is very wide.