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Pressure Transmitters

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Instruments And Systems are providing pressure transmitters.


Instruments and Systems

Instruments & Systems was started in 1985 with view to provide automation solutions to Sugar Industries, where the automation was still in its nascent stage at that time. Company founder Mr. S.C. Mittal had long experience in R&D activities initiated by government of INDIA CIRI PILANI for instrumentation in Sugar Industries. He was involved in the development of initial Vacuum Batch Pan Automation System for Sugar Industries. In its early days Instruments & Systems focused on developing only Vacuum Pan Automation and pH Control systems. Company started manufacturing in house developed sensors and transmitters for sugar application. With the passage time company developed various process transmitters and customized controllers. Over a period time company has executed lot of automation projects with PLCs, DCS, SCADA, Soft Logic Controls, RDACs etc., depending upon the requirement. Through our manufacturing base and affiliated product range, we provide the entire range of I/O modules, Controllers, Scanners, Remote Terminals Units, Signal Isolators/Convertors, HMI/SCADA Software products, Interoperability products as well as customized products.