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  • PS/PSU

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Indfos Industries offers Pressure Switch, PS/PSU Series. This is a triple pole device, now introduced with more elegant housing, modified design and with a user-friendly manual over-riding switch. These switches cut off a 3-phase power supply when the pressure rises to a preset value and cuts in the...

Indfos Industries Limited

Originally incorporated as a Joint Venture company with Danfoss Denmark, which ended in 1991, Indfos is India's leading manufacturer of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Domestic Appliances and Industrial Controls.

Indfos has a deep commitment towards the environment. As a part of this commitment, the Company has pioneered the development of Non Conventional Energy Systems in India and has set up several projects based on integrated energy systems using Solar, Wind & Biomass as sources of energy.

The mission of the company is to establish clear winning products in the special niche of industrial solutions. To revive and live upto the pinnacle of quality standards in every product ever produced.