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Naina Semiconductor is one of the leading manufacturers of semiconductor devices in India, well known for quality and prompt delivery. The state-of-the-art manufacturing plant incorporates the best of men and machine to ensure the consistent quality and delivery of large volumes of axial lead plasti...

Naina Semiconductor Ltd

Naina Semiconductor ltd. an ISO 9001-2000 company was incorporated in sept 6th 1988 as Public Ltd. Company under the act 1956 for the manufacturing of silicon rectifiers.

Naina Semiconductor Ltd.has highly qualified and experienced staff to Control the operation of the company NSL produces semiconductor device ranging 1 amp to 1000amp which includes Axial Lead diodes, Medium power, High power, Rectifier Bridges, Welding diodes, Zener diodes & modules( Thyristors/diodes), Devices of various types are available like standard recovery, fast recovery, high efficiency, super fast & schottky in various packages. Devices are approved by various authorities in India like CACT, C-DOT, ERTL etc.