Plastic Welding Machine, Front Shuttle Tray

Plastic Welding Machine, Front Shuttle Tray

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New Vimko Plastics offers front shuttle tray type, 9 kW Plastic Welding Machine. This front shuttle tray machine has a large size tray, pneumatic operation type. It comes with deep throat, colour touch screen HMI interface with PLC, mimic on screen debugging systems, ultra fast anti spark systems, e...

New Vimko Plastics

New Vimko Plastics is established in 1963. The company is a front runner in the manufacture of High quality Plastic Welding machines, P. P. Stationery Machines & Induction Cap Sealing Machines. They are manufactured under the supervision of high level team of professionals in the management, engineering and technical cadres.

The machines are testing quality on the latest types of testing equipments, confirming to international standards. Periodic innovations are very much part of Vimko Plastic Credo. They have time and again introduced newer models and upgraded the existing, quite simply.