Planetary Gear Head

Planetary Gear Head

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Small Planetary Gear head of torque (3 to 45 kgfm) and weight from 1.5 kg to 24 kg and torque range up to 1,200,000 Nm and reduction ratio up to 20,000 are available. These can be mounted directly with any servomotor. Integral ratio is from 3 to 1000. Standard gears with tiny backlash within 10 m...

Rotolinear Systems (Manufacturer)

ROTOLINEAR SYSTEMS based in Bangalore India aims to provide right Products & solutions to Major CNC Machine tools builders, SPM Builders & Machinery builders. ROTOLINEAR SYSTEMS is a Professional manged company is promoted by engineers having around 17 year experience in CNC machinery Parts & accessories since May ,2001. Rotolinear systems are the Reputed suppliers for Linear motion products like Ballscrews, Lmguideways, Precision Locknuts, Planetary gearhead, Cable support Chain, Metal bellow couplings, keyless clamping & Torque limiters to CNC Machine tool Builders in India. Rotolinear systems deal in world class products at an economical price. All the products can be supplied in Indian Rupees with MODWAT facility and also in foreign currency for direct import. Rotolinear can source & supply any special products or Linear motion products related to CNC Machines from any part of the World.