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A wide variety of Reflex, Retro-reflex and Through Beam Sensor Photoelectric Switches is shown above. The Reflex category includes specialties such as Background suppression, Fibre-optic cable termination, Colour sensing, Contrast detection, Distance measurement, Gloss detection, Print mark detec...

Accent Controls (P) Ltd

Accent is India's No.1 manufacturer of Proximity Sensors. We manufacture the finest switches in India. Though these switches are on par with most major international makes, they are available at a fraction of the cost. International Quality is thus available at Indian Prices.

Established in 1985 we are a pioneering manufacturer of non-contact sensors in India. In 1987 we purchased technical know-how from Kastl Electronic, Germany for the manufacture of inductive/ capacitive/ photoelectric proximity switches. Kastl who have been manufacturing these switches since 1962, are an innovating company who have held numerous patents - some worldwide - for their switch designs. This acquisition has enabled the manufacture of sensors to international standards, notably IEC 60947-5-2.