Paddle Shaft Mixer Dryer

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Toshniwal Instruments (Madras) Pvt Ltd offers Paddle Shaft Mixer Dryer. Toshniwal Paddle Shaft dryers are built around our very successful and widely used Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer design. Open type variant and Closed type variants are available. The Open System is designed in such a way that makes...

Toshniwal Instruments (Madras) Private Limited

Toshniwal is a manufacturer, importer and exporter of equipment & machinery in the indian subcontinent since 1948. The company started climbing up the corporate ladder as a pioneer in upgrading industrial technology, creating infrastructure and supplying world-class process instruments, powder processing instruments and Vacuum systems. Research and development formed the core of the competence.The expertise honed over 6 Decades of successful operation has enabled us to place our brand name in synonym with quality and reliability. We work in close partnership with our clients and keep upgrading our products and processes to stay relevant to the advancing markets.