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Ozone Generators

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Aquazone Systems offers Ozone Generators. It is available from gram per hr to kilogram per hr. It is made completely in stainless steel, including the panel. It is highly efficient, IGBT based latest technology high frequency cold plasma/ corona discharge ozone generators. The ozonator and oxygen co...

Aquazone Systems And Engineering (Manufacturer)

India’s most powerful ozonator generates 8 times more ozone per hour than most other models available here. This amount of power is required to remove the organic load in Indian waters. AQUAZONE systems adopt and conform to International Standards, thus out beating all other smaller ozonators. Only aquazone monitors sterility on-line unlike other ozone generators available in India. Having decades of practical experience at the numerous installations nation wide, our professionals are way ahead of any other organisation in the country in their knowledge and skills. Why Aquazone ? Aquazone a leading name in ozonation technology. Manufacturing World class ozonators at an affordable price. Our ozonators are made of international standards and working satisfactorily from last six years across the Globe. Aquazone is a specialist in the field of ozonation. Established by a group of technocrats with wide experience on ozonation. Aquazone is a leading designer and manufacturer of various ozonation systems such as for air & water purification application etc. Within a short span of its operation Aquazone has earned a reputation for being provider of the most effective and efficient ozonation systems using the latest Innovative technologies and techniques. This is reflected by its client reference, which boasts of some of the most reputed names in the Industries. Aquazone’s head office in Ahmedabad is the hub of its design development and production activities. All these complemented by a team of reputed and established vendors called out after a stringent registration process. Aquazone is specialist in ozonation technology. The gamut of products under Aquazone’s umbrella reflects the same. The gamut includes ozonation for ultrapure & high purity water, Pharmaceutical water, electronic grade water, mineral water & swimming pool water treatment and air purification system