Operator Interface Configuratuion Software

Operator Interface Configuratuion Software

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Red Lion Controls has announced Crimson 3.0, the latest version of their popular, free operator interface configuration software. With a redesigned interface and many new features, Crimson 3.0 facilitates simplified design and implementation of attractive and powerful user interface solutions. The n...

Red Lion Controls

Red Lion Controls, an internationally based manufacturer of a range of control devices, got its start in a garage in 1972, and now boasts three offices across the world. Red Lion's world headquarters are located in York, Pennsylvania. All of Red Lion's engineering and manufacturing take place in this 100,000 square foot state of the art facility.

Red Lion Controls has built a strong reputation in several product areas including human machine interface, process measurement and control, and digital measurement and control. (Red Lion has a complete family of quality and value oriented products to serve the needs of our international customer base.)

Red Lion Controls provides worldwide sales coverage via a network of highly specialized control distributors, as listed in the distributor listing and sales offices sections of this website. Our factory and distributor personnel are continually undergoing product and service training to ensure that all our customers receive the best possible customer technical and logistical support.