Needle & Cylindrical Rollers

Needle & Cylindrical Rollers

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Needle & Cylindrical Rollers are available in designs according to DIN 5402 sheet 3, and IS 4217-1981, with different shape of ends. These are hardened and tempered to 58-64 HRC (type BP, BPM, BR). Characteristics:

  • Tapper & spherical rollers also available.

A Ball Creators

A Ball Creators is serving all industries since 1978, under the guidance of Mr Kanu H Galia. Due to his industrious efforts, we have achieved a remarkable position in the national and international markets.

Our products are made up of high quality raw materials. Their performance remains as effective after a long duration of use as it was at the time of purchase. We improve the quality of our products at frequent intervals. We also make sure that the products have undergone a strict process of quality check at each successive stage of production before being delivered to the market by us.