Multilouver Dampers, Motorised

Multilouver Dampers, Motorised

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Innovative Automation Pvt Ltd offers motorised Multilouver Dampers. These are heavy-duty rectangular dampers having multiple louvers (flaps), which operate in unison to offer a smooth flow control of blower air. These are typically suitable for industrial applications and mounted in ducts. These uni...

Innovative Automation Pvt. Ltd.

Innovative Automation Pvt. Ltd. formed in 1998, Today, it is a reputed company supplying a host of State-of-the art Safety and Process Control related to the Furnace, Boilers and Burner equipment. By the virtue of the large range of products are able to provide multiple solutions to the customers under one roof. The company is the largest Channel Partners for Honeywell Automation India Limited for their Combustion Control Products. It also represent on an exclusive basis as a Sole Distributors for Madas s.r.l Italy for their Gas Regulation and Safety devices and Contrive s.r.l.Italy for their Burner Control Products.