Motorcycle Chain Oil Spray

Motorcycle Chain Oil Spray

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  • IT-1098

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Integrated Technology offers IT-1098, a Motorcycle Chain Oil Spray. Motorcycle chains run at high-speed and operate in tough conditions like rain, dirt, sand, and high shock loads. A motorcycle chain must never be run dry. Lubricating the chain regularly prolongs its life and ensures safety. IT-1098...

Integrated Technology (Manufacturer)

Integrated Technology, the distributor of the finest Industrial lubricant specialties, maintenance products and a host of allied products & businesses; they have on offer the most powerful brands in the world. They represent the respective companies as their country distributor in India.

On offer is an array of high quality synthetic industrial lubricants, food-grade lubricants, industrial maintenance products and corrosion protection products etc. The strategic business plan endorses the internal quality initiative and is supported by ongoing training for all employees. The mission statement reflects the commitment to quality & the service.

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