Microprocessor Based Temperature/Humidity Controller for Stability Chamber

Model ID

  • HTC (3003 and 3000)

Product Categories

Product Profile

Libratherm offers Microprocessor based Humidity and Temperature Controller Model HTC-3003 and HTC-3000 with input and output suitable for measuring and controlling the T and RH of stability or environmental test chambers. These chambers are mainly used in Pharma, Petroleum, Chemical and Food Industr...

Technical Specifications

  • No. of Input: 2 (one each for Temperature (T) and % Relative Humidity (%RH))
  • Resolution: 0.1oC/%
  • Tuning: Manual tuning of PID values
  • Control Action: PID or On/Off as required
  • Open Sensor Indication: Display shows Fault messages and control outputs will be turned OFF