Micro Vickers Hardness Tester

Micro Vickers Hardness Tester

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  • DHV-1000

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Daksh Quality Systems offers micro Vickers hardness tester, DHV-1000. Main features: DQS-1000 micro Vickers hardness tester made with a unique and precise design in the field of mechanics, optics and light source is able to produce a clearer indentation and hence a more precise measurement; by means...

Daksh Quality Systems

We are known by our products, services, quality, commitment and talent. We originally started with service and calibration of Optical Instruments and have a good name in service and calibration all over India. So with our practical knowledge and experience, we are in sales with best quality, precise and durable instruments.Some very well known companies of world have associated with us.
With aim of Quality best- Service first, we are having complete range of Quality Control Labs, QA labs and Standard Room Equipments. We have range upto very high end Microscopes. We have our own developed image analysis Software for Metallurgical microscopes, Microhardness Testers, Stereo Microscopes. The software is real time based and there is no need of saving images. For engineering industries we have complete Lab set up equipments for Metallurgy and Metrology. We are very proud to say that we have our own developed Metallurgical Image Analysis Software with all Metallurgical modules for Microscopes and Micro hardness Tester. With this we supply ½’ color ccd camera of high mega pixels of Japan make only.