Maxiflux Electro-Magnetic Crack Detectors

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  • AD 1200 P

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The maxiflux electro-magnetic crack detectors are available in three varieties: portable, mobile and stationary. They are available in the following models. AD 1200 P (Portable) with current output of 1200 Amps (AC/HWDC) AD 1500 P (Portable) with current output of 1500 Amps (AC/HWDC) AD 2000 M (Mobi...

3E Corporation

EASTWEST ENGINEERING & ELECTRONICS CO., a leading manufacturer and supplier of Non-Destructive Testing and Material testing equipment and accessories since 1972.

The company is managed by NDT professionals having long years of experience in NDT.

The product range covers Equipments and accessories for Radiography, Magnetic Particle Testing, Dye Penetrant Testing, Ultrasonic Testing, Hardness Testing, Stress Relieving, Remote Visual Inspection.