Machine Legend Plates

Machine Legend Plates

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Aster Graphic Systems offers a wide range of Machine Legend Plates. These are custom designed, variable data decals made from high performance industrial grade translucent polycarbonate film and highly aggressive adhesive media. Unlike metal labels, the variable data is printed on regular office sta...

Aster Graphics Systems

Aster Graphic Systems (AGS) is an innovative customer driven manufacturer.

Aster Graphic Systems has been producing range of quality products for various industrial applications, since 1981.

AGS makes Safety signs, Warning signs, Danger signs, Caution Labels, Safety Decals, Floor Safety signs, Name plates, Scales, Rulers, Dials and Gauges, Custom design scales, Rating plates, Membrane switches, Tamper Evident Seal, Tamper-proof seal, Instruments Front Panels, Overlays, Safety signs for Work shops, Constructions sties, Glow in Dark signs.

Our customers range from a small workshops to Multi-nationals, Export Oriented units, ISO companies, Dept. of Space and Defence Organizations.

AGS supplies best quality Safety Decals at fast turn around time and at most competitive price.