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Garg Distributors Pvt Ltd offers a wide range of Siemens LT Switches and Switchgear. Siemens – as a culture, has always endeavoured to introduce innovative products worldwide. The range includes: 1. Betagard – MCBs, isolators, RCCBs and DBs; the MCBs have highly effective touch protection agains...

GARG Distributors Pvt Ltd

GARG Distributors Pvt. Ltd. is a progressive electrical & electronic Distribution House. Company operate in markets concentrating on Capacitors, Switchgear Items, Wires & Cables, building wires, industrial wires and cables, instrumentation cables, co-axial cables, multicore cables, power cord, and the like.

Garg Group is synonymous with distribution of Electrical products for last Two Decades. The company dealing with TIBCON – Capacitors, Sigma – L.T. Switchgears, SPM Wires & Cables etc., GARG is service excellence, with systems that work and people who understand your business needs.