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Lobe Pumps are assembled on a mild steeled based frame and coupled with cast iron gearbox, which has a protective coating in epoxy paint finish. The chamber separating rotor case and gearbox enables fitting of balanced compact reversible mechanical seals, avoiding contamination between the pumped fl...

IDMC Limited

IDMC is a large equipment manufacturing and project engineering company in India in the field of dairy, food, pharmaceutical, brewery, beverage, refrigeration and chemical industries. We are manufacturing equipment for these industries and also executing projects on turnkey basis.

IDMC is involved in the following activities.

  • Fabrication of equipment to sanitary design meeting national and international standards.
  • Manufacturing of Flow equipment including SS fittings, Pneumatically operated process valves and SS pumps of sanitary design.
  • Designing and manufacturing of plate heat exchangers for dairy, food, pharma and Biotechnology, Beverage Brewery, Refrigeration and other industrial applications
  • Designing and manufacturing of screw compressor modules and refrigeration equipment for water chilling, brine chilling, beverage cooling etc.