Limit Switch, Type Bi2

Limit Switch, Type Bi2

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Controlwell India Pvt Ltd offers a wide range of Limit Switches from Bernstein AG, Germany. Type Bi2 Limit Switch, thanks to its two cable entries, is ideal for use in series-connected monitoring facilities. Product advantages: Protection class IP 65 to VDE 0470 T1; enclosure and cover PA 6, self-ex...

Controlwell India Pvt. Ltd.

With over a decade of experience, Controlwell today is reckoned as the leading distributor of quality Cable Protection and Management products in India. Over the years , they added a wide variety of products to their range encompassing conduits, conduit glands, cable glands, grommets and junction boxes.

Controlwell has now gone beyond just cable protection to cover your needs of industrial connections and now carries an exhaustive range of Multipole Industrial Connectors.

To ensure the highest levels of service they ascribe special attention to systems and hence all our processes are handled through SAP R/3 system and will soon adhere to ISO 9001:2000 norms.