Lightning Arrester / Lightning Controller

Lightning Arrester / Lightning Controller

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Surge protection device is suitable for TN-S, TN-C-S, TT, and IT etc. The power supply system of AC 0/60 Hz and used at the equipotential connection, which protects the electrical network due to lightning and switching. It is designed according to IEC 61643-1,it adopts the 35 mm rail, and there is a...

Technical Specifications

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Maximum continuous operating voltage 255 V
Voltage protection level </=2.5
Requirement Class Class B
LPZ 0-1
Imp 100
Response time (ns) </=100
Test Standard IEC 61643-1,CE
The cross section of PE 35
Fuse or Switch 125 A
Operating Environment °C -40°C~+85°C
Relative Humidity (25°C) </=95 %
Installation Standardrail 35 mm

JMV LPS Ltd (Manufacturer)

JMV LPS Limited is an organisation established with the aim to offer electrical safety products for almost every industry segment. The company offers grounding systems and copper clad steel conductors, lightning protection systems, surge protection devices, exothermic welding systems and gel based cable jointing kits from designing till installation. The comprehensive range of solutions meets the need of today's residential, commercial and industrial electrical safety.