Lift Machine

Lift Machine

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  • Petra

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Petra Lifts Machine units of substantial Construction, Combining Rigidity & Compactness in a Single traction unit with monobloc Gearbox casing that houses motor, brake, Sheave pulley, etc....

Technical Specifications

  • Range: Up to 15 passengers
  • Sizes: Petra 141, 142, 161, 162,163 Speed up to 1.5m per second

Premium Transmission Limited (Manufacturer)

Premium Transmission Limited is a part of a large industrial conglomerate The Thapars. The major companies in the group include Greaves Cotton Ltd., English Indian Clays Ltd. and Premium Transmission ltd.

Premium has been the leader in mechanical power transmission products close to five decades. The first unit under the name David Brown Greaves (India) was commissioned in the year 1961 at Pune (Near Mumbai) to manufacture gearboxes in India. It was a joint venture company between Greaves Cotton & Co Limited and M/s David Brown UK. M/s Greaves Cotton & Co bought over this manufacturing facility (India) in the year 1993. This unit also manufactures lift machines. The second unit started its operation in the year 1993 at Falta - near Kolkata (India) manufactures standard worm/helical and application specific gear units. The third unit at Aurangabad started manufacturing PEMBRIL brand fluid couplings in the year 1978 under a joint venture between M/s Fluidrive UK and Greaves Cotton & Co, which was then bought over by Greaves Cotton & Co in the year 2003. This unit also manufactures Geared Motors. The fourth unit at Aurangabad manufactures auto transmission case carburized and profile ground gears for industrial applications.