Level Switches for Liquids

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Shridhan Automation Pvt. Ltd. offers Level Switches for Liquids. Level Switches are used for control of liquid operation in a process. These instruments operate in different working principles, namely

  • Magnetic Float / Reed Switch Actuated Level Switch
  • Float / Micro Switch operated ...

Shridhan Automation Pvt Ltd

In 1987, a humble activity got initiated with a mission to produce a Product range that could help in level monitoring & control of liquid in a tank. A state of the art Product range termed "Magnetic level switches" has many variants. These variants share the same common purpose of sensing Levels of Liquid. Thus, this product was manufactured in countries like Germany, USA. India was yet to catch up. onsistent with high quality management philosophy, SHRIDHAN managed to get its ISO 9001-2000 certification in the year 2007.