Leak Detector For Compressed Air

Leak Detector For Compressed Air

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BEKO Compressed Air Technologies Pvt Ltd, a joint venture with Beko Technologies GmbH, Germany, has launched a Leak Detector for compressed air, Metpoint® LKD. This detects every leak, precisely and quickly. Minor cause – major effect: small leaks can already make up a large part of the costs for...

BEKO Compressed Air Technologies Private Limited

Beko started in 1982 in the centre of Düsseldorf, Germany,by Berthold Koch. Beko grew quickly. In 1986 , only four years after the foundation, the move within Düsseldorf into larger premises with the eight employees was on the agenda. Simultaneously, Beko launched the first product besides Bekomat: the ÖWAMAT oil/water separator for the processing of compressed-air condensate. A system which has formed an integral part of the product range right up until today.

Beko Compressed Air Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is certified by ISO 9001:2008. Thw company develop, manufacture and sell good, reliable products and provide the corresponding services. These products and services are designed to optimise machines, plants and systems, resulting in a better performance and greater reliability, in addition to using less energy, reducing pollution, and improving the working conditions for the personnel.