LCD Parking Sensor

LCD Parking Sensor

Model ID

  • OBD-318

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Product Profile

OBD Factory Auto Electrics Co Ltd offers LCD Parking Sensor, Model OBD-318. ...

Technical Specifications

  • Digital LCD showing obstacle distance; 4 sensors for rear available
  • Alarm by Bi-Bi sound, 3 step switch with high, low and off function for buzzer
  • Blue colour background
  • The simulative vehicle is displayed in the colorized screen
  • Digital signs (attention, brake and stop) will be displayed in the colorized screen
  • All kinds of sensor colours and styles are available
  • High quality and easy to install
  • Rated voltage - 12 V DC
  • Operating range - 10.5 V - 16 V DC
  • Rated current - 50-180 mA
  • Detecting distance - 0.3-2.0m
  • Ultrasonic frequency - 40 kHz
  • Display working temperature - -30-+70°C

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