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Industrial Brushes

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Karnavati manufacturers a range of Industrial Brushes which includes roller brushes, segment brushes , strips, cones, curved, corrugated, disc etc. The material of these bruhses are wood, metal, ebonite, plastic, leather, wire, bristles, nylon, synthetic, natural hair-fibres etc. These brushes are ...

Karnavati Brush Mfg Co (Manufacturer)

Karnavati Brush Mfg. Co. is a brush manufacturer of all sorts since 1961 in circular, rollers, disc, flat, strips - in many shapes. Also in synthetic monofilament like nylon, polypropelene, imported mexican fibre, natural hair bristles, in metal wire also. The company regularly manufacturing and supplying Circular Brushes in Nylon Monofilament shown here under manufacturing for shown BRUSHES in very HUGE Quantity Durable and for that case in Reasonable Price with SUPERIOR Quality.