Hydraulic Bollards, Automatic-Rising

Hydraulic Bollards, Automatic-Rising

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FAAC India offers automatic-rising Hydraulic Bollards, Model FAAC City. This is a metal cylinder, with ultra high resistance to impact and weather. It has a piston mechanism enabling movement by command. It is housed inside a compartment in the road parking and discourages traffic and/or parking. FA...

FAAC India Private Limited

FAAC India Pvt. Ltd. is established in 1965. AAC automated systems satisfy both Intensive use- just think of the millions of maneuvers per year of motorway barriers- and Economic use, as in the case of the 402 residential swing gate operator.

FAAC India Pvt. Ltd is a direct subsidiary of FAAC S.p. A. Italy, pioneers and leaders in the field of perimeter automation and parking management systems. With its mission being that of providing world class products and services at most competitive prices to the Indian infrastructure industry, FAAC India carries on the standards set by FAAC Group, by using the path breaking technologies at all stages of deliverances.