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  • EQ-321S

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BSK Technologies offers Humidity Meter, EQ-321S. Sensor type is a calibrated digital output from a single chip relative humidity sensor. Specifications - temperature: -20 to 60 C; accuracy: +/- 2%; resolution: .01% RH; response time: 10 secs; power supply: 9V battery; size: 225*45*34 mm; weight: 200...

B S K Technologies (Manufacturer)

B.S.K.Technologies., is a professional Test & measuring Instrumentation Company, which has been certified for maintaining Quality Standards and Procedures. The valued clientele include the Industry majors from Govt. Sectors, Pharmaceutical, Defense, Food, Automobile, Machine Building, R & D Centers, Process Automation Sectors, etc.Different spectrums of customers are serviced by offering a whole range of improvised instruments which help in monitoring of their processes in an efficient and cost effective manner.

B.S.K.Technologies, is located in the Business Hub of the Country at Secunderabad, Secunderabad is well connected to the International Market by way of Direct Cargo flights to many destinations across the world which helps in reaching the goods more effectively & faster to the buyer thereby ensuring lesser down time.