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  • Zyclone-2i FL

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Idealin Fogging Systems offers Humidifiers, Zyclone-2i FL. It is extremely useful for spot humidification requirements of the textile industry ranging from ginning/ pressing to spinning, winding, mixing, blow-rooms, cards, etc. In this model, 2 powerful humidifiers are combined together to work alte...

Idealin Fogging Systems

IFS (Idealin Fogging Systems) has been a pioneer in the field of Fogging / Humidification systems for various applications. The scope of work covers both Industrial & Commercial activities like Textiles, Hospital's, Cold Storage's, Greenhouses, Laboratories, Agro-products, Nurseries, Pest Control, Odour Control, Medical Packaging, Mushroom Cultivation, Curing sections, Warehousing etc. They cater to Indian as well as overseas markets and currently they have a global presence in >10 countries. They enjoy a good reputation because of the excellent quality, quick delivery and competitive prices of our products.