High Speed PMAC Motor

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Eurotech Controls & Instruments Private Limited offers High Speed PMAC Motor. MGV series servomotors are innovative direct drive solutions especially designed for applications that require high speeds and low inertias. They are successfully employed in automotive or aerospace component test benches ...

Technical Specifications

  • Power Range: Up to 230 kW
  • Speed Range: Up to 45,000 rpm
  • Field weakening: Up to 10 x nominal speed
  • Mounting: Flange (B14) or foot (B3)
  • Protection degree: IP40 as standard
  • Cooling method: Water jacket
  • Supply voltage: 400 VAC
  • Connections:
    • 1.2 m flying cable for power and thermal probe
    • Connector for feedback sensor signal
  • Stator winding isolation: Class F according to EN60034-1 standard (overmolding)
  • Thermal protection: 1 PTC 150 probe and 1 KTY 84130 as standard
  • Rotor balancing: Rotor balancing C1
  • Shaft end: Solid smooth shaft as standard
  • Bearings: Steel or ceramic depending on speed and load
  • Feedback sensor: 2 poles resolver Sin/cos encoder