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High Speed Doors

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Nergeco High Speed Doors are very effective where the productive areas need to be protected from temperature, dust, insects, high wind loads, etc., or required to maintain a differential pressure or and still require continuous material traffic flow between those areas. Nergeco are fast, flexible au...

Bevcon Zentry Private Limited

Bevcon Wayors Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad is a major player / manufacturer of Material Handling Equipments in the India. Bevcon is also one of the fastest growing SME.Established in 1991, Bevcon had a steady growth and now have established as one of the leading Material Handling, Crushing and Screening Systems Company in India.

Bevcon Wayors is into the Business of Bulk Material Handling, Crushing, and Screening Equipment for all sectors of industries. Bevcon Wayors Designs, Manufactures, Supplies and undertakes Erection & commissioning at customers site. All Equipments and products undergo rigorous quality control checks and are manufactured to the highest Engineering Standards.