High Pressure Cleaner Hot Water And Steam

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  • H21

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Deluxe Cleaning Systems Pvt Ltd offers High Pressure Cleaner Hot Water And Steam. H21 is a versatile and highly mobile industrial high pressure hot water and steam cleaner with advanced and comprehensive features to enhance reliability, safety and user-friendliness. It is effective for a wide ran...

Deluxe Cleaning Systems Private Limited

Established in 1960, Deluxe started as a small laundry service provider in Pune city. The company started with a basic processing unit and 1 distribution outlet. Slowly & gradually with growing experience and demand for laundry services, Deluxe started improving & automating its processing facilities. Imported finishing & dry-cleaning equipments were installed to improve quality. By the early 1990’s Deluxe had grown into a well-known laundry service provider in Pune region. In 1996, Deluxe ventured into a new industry providing cleaning equipment solutions to industrial & commercial organization. Deluxe took the sole India distributors for M/s Klenco (Singapore) who were leading suppliers of such products in South – East Asia with distributors in Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Philippines. The product range included professional cleaning supplies, heavy duty de-dusting systems & full range of industrial & laundry chemicals. With headquarters in Pune, Deluxe developed a network of dealers across India to push sales of its large product range.