Helical Bevel Gears

Helical Bevel Gears

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Placebo Gears & Transmissions offers a range of Helical Bevel Gears. Placebo Gears & Transmissions is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified unit maintaining quality management system that aims to enhance customer satisfaction and demonstrate its ability to consistently provide products that exceed their expec...

Technical Specifications

  • Minimum diameter – 1000 mm
  • Maximum diameter – 1800 mm
  • Diametral pitch/trans module – 1.27-20
  • Supply – lapped condition
  • Geometry – Gleason®

Placebo Gears & Transmissions (Manufacturer)

Placebo gears & transmissions has set a paradigm among many gear manufacturing industries with a commitment to quality being the principle aim. The spark of brilliant vision of Mr. Ch. Ashok Reddy, a mechanical engineer heralded the beginning of PGT to manufacture spiral bevel gears. PGT is fully able to represent the scope and the magnitude of operation being undertaken. Characterized by strong determination and dedication to the profession, Mr. Ch. Ashok Reddy has rendered a solid foundation and his principle to quality is carried-out with precise practical effect.