Heat Resistant Textiles and Belting

Heat Resistant Textiles and Belting

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Product Profile

The Prolific offers Heat Resistant Textiles and Belting like roller covers, endless belts, pads and spacer covers....

Technical Specifications

  • Roller Covers
    • Materials: Kevlar, PBO, Polyester, Kevlar/Carbon Blend
    • Inside Diameter Sizes (mm): 34 to 140
    • Wall Thickness (mm): 6, 8 and 10
    • Length: per request up to 2000 mm
    • Weight: >410 g/m2
  • Endless Belts
    • Materials: Keviar, PBO, Polyester, Nomex
    • Width (mm): 20 to 2200
    • Thickness (mm): 8, 10 and 12
    • Length (mm): per request from 540 to 13500
    • Weight: >410 g/m2
  • Pads
    • Materials: Kevlar, PBO, Polyester, Nomex
    • Width (mm): 20 to 2000
    • Thickness (mm): 6, 8, 10 and 12
    • Length (mm): per request from 50 to 25000
    • Weight: >410 g/m2
  • Spacer Covers - for ageing ovens
    • Materials: Nomex
    • Thickness (mm): 1.2 - 1.5
    • Weight: 210 - 250 g/m2

The Prolific

PROLIFIC was established in 1984 as a marketing company. Originally formed as a supplier of all specialty industrial products to all industry. In due course of time PROLIFIC started concentrating on Specialty Belts and became an exclusive product organization i.e. Industrial belts. Now after 28 years, we can claim – if we can not arrange a belt for you, no one can in India.

Today, we are the market leader in supplying specialty belting to the industry. Our products meet the demands of each and every type of industry starting from - aluminum, automobile, cement & fertilizer, electronics, engineering, food, glass, iron & steel, office automation, packaging, soaps & detergents, textile.

The success of PROLIFIC is we listen to our customer's requirement and arrange the belt to suit his requirement - whether it is a belt moving on spindle with a speed of 100000rpm OR a belt for wrapping machine in a Rolling Mill OR a belt to stand a temperature of 550°C in Glass Industry Or an all Metal Belt AND this is done by collecting knowledge and information on the new developments in the belting industry worldwide.