Hardware Operating Systems

Model ID

  • FAC-603

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Product Profile

Hiral Tektronix Pvt. Ltd. offer Hardware Operating Systems, FAC-603. The company also offers hardware, software and it consultancy solutions to the customers along with being a manufacturer of a range of products based on barcode, magnetic or smart card technology. With strong competencies in the in...

Technical Specifications

  • Size: 180(L)*82(W)*55(H)mm
  • User capacity:1500
  • Transaction Storage:50000
  • Inbuilt proximity card reader
  • Electric lock control: Directness relay output12VDC
  • Communications:RS232/485,TCP/IP/USB
  • Sensor: Optical sensor 500 DPI
  • Support external 26 bit Weigand reader for exit
  • Weigand out to connect 3rd party Controller
  • Support external Fingerprint reader Sr100