Hardness Tester

Hardness Tester

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  • Etalon Duromaster P100

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Hardness Tester, Model Etalon Duromaster P100, available from Tespa Tools, is a portable, compactly sized and easy-to-use. Features: value acquisition in any position of use; direct reading of displayed value; convenient for all types of materials, precision to ±1 HRC, made to measure hardness on w...

Tespa Tools Private Limited (Manufacturer)

TESPA - Technocrat Engineered Special Production Aids is well known throughout industry in India for over two decades. TESPA has built up an enviable reputation for "Quality in Measure". 'TESPA' products include Inprocess gauging & inspection system and post process gauging and inspection system, which include Multi-gauging with computerized SPC systems.

TESPA products are in use in most major industries- Automotive, Aircraft, Defence, Textile Processing Industry and General Engineering numbering over 750 large and medium industries, besides a few overseas ones.